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Post by feathertail on Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:58 pm

Name: Merrick Tandy
Nickname(s): None so far
Age: 12
DOB: 8th June 2005
Spoiler:" alt="" />
Face claim: Merrick Hanna
Personality: Just like his father, Merrick is a little bit nuts, and it shows. He almost always has a cheery disposition, a smile on his face, and bright eyes. He's very enthusiastic about his passions, and will gabble on and on about it given the chance. When he does get down, he tried not to let it show, but he is naturally a very emotive person, and so is pretty bad at hiding it.
Sexuality: No clue
God Parent: Bacchus
Legacy?: No
Other Family: Mother and Father; Darci
Powers: Chlorokinesis, and can generally cheer anyone up with a hug (though it's not 100% known whether that's powers or just Merrick being Merrick)
Weapon(s): A penknife, and will likely gain a sword of some sort
Backstory: Merrick grew up in New Rome as a next door neighbour to Darci, and has been her best friend since as long as they can remember. They shared a treehouse in the backyard, stationed in a tree they grew themselves, together, which split the fence between their yards, and pretty much lived up there. They shared birthdays, strangely, and were 'blood brothers' from the minute Merrick got a penknife for his birthday (though Darci was more than a little hesitant about it). They went everywhere together, school and home, with Merrick and Darci, as pretty much polar opposites, balanced each other out terrifically. Their parents were best friends as well, and had no problem with essentially adopting the other child into their family. Eventually the time came, they decided, for the kids to go to camp, and so they were sent off, together as always.


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Merrick Tandy Empty Re: Merrick Tandy

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Approved. 5th Cohort.


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