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Post by Andrew Night on Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:34 pm

Name:Corey Nixon
Nickname(s): Core
DOB (Date of Birth): October 28th
Looks (Minimum of two detailed sentences or a picture):
Corey Nixon Cj6A8q4UkAAafaH
Face claim (Optional):Corey Fogelmanis
Personality (Minimum of four sentences):Corey is antisocial and very nervous around the living since he grew up surrounded by animals and is not accustomed to social graces. Corey has a passion to learn about the world and always wants to know more.He tends to fixate on the unknown and tries his best to get along with the people around him. Corey has a strong bond with animals and enjoys their company more than peoples.
God Parent: Feronia
Legacy?: Legacy of Neptune
Other Family: Father - Alive
Powers (Maximum 3 powers): Can talk to animals and can turn into animals he has a strong connection to but it tires him out depending on the size and the duration he is in the form.
Weapon(s): Gladius and shield
Backstory (Minimum six sentences): Corey grew up on a ranch in Texas. As a child he would spend his time on his family's ranch instead of playing or getting to know any of the kids his age. Around the age of ten he learned of his powers to speak to animals when he was woken up by his pet cat, the shock of it caused him to scream aloud. When Corey's father heard what his son was going through he played the boy a video left to him by his mother explaining everything about him and his family's history. After learning about his mother  Corey began keeping a journal on information about monsters he encountered and his abilities. Corey was home schooled until high school, with only animals as friends it stunted his ability to socialize with peers of his age which lead to bullying and Corey dropping out and beginning his journey to the camp his mother had told him about.

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Post by Admin on Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:06 am

Approved. First Cohort.


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