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Name: Sofia Berry
Nickname(s): Sofie
Age: 16
DOB (Date of Birth): July 11
Looks (Minimum of two detailed sentences or a picture): Sofie Berry 95cb075451baad7d8d6ee94073286739
Face claim (Optional): Lili Reinhart
Personality (Minimum of four sentences): Sofie is a smart, friendly girl. She enjoys reading and writing and making friends with anybody. She suffers from depression, so she has moments where it hits her really hard and she doesn't want to do the things she normally does. She has a fear of spiders, elevators and bedroom closets. She loves nature and taking pictures as well.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
God Parent: Minerva
Legacy?: no
Other Family: Dad - dead. Older half sister - alive. Foster mom - alive
Powers (Maximum 3 powers): Enhanced intelligence.
Weapon(s): Daggers
Backstory (Minimum six sentences): Sofie grew up with a dad and older half sister in New Rome. She spent most of her days in her room reading or taking pictures in around New Rome. When she was 3 her father died, leaving her in the care of her older sister. They were taken in by a demigod couple who raised them until they were old enough to go to the camp. Sofie's older sister went first and then herself. Sofia was 13 when this happened.


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