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Post by feathertail on Fri May 19, 2017 2:47 pm

Name: Luke Anderson
Age: 14
DOB: 5th May 2003
Looks: Luke Anderson Jake-Abel-in-Cold-Case
Face claim (Optional): Jake Abel
Personality (Minimum of four sentences): Luke, at the moment, is very confused, scared, and prone to lashing out. Before his mother disappeared, he was a kind kid, who worked hard at people as well as his work. But now his whole world's been turned upside down, and he has no clue what's going on; he's pretty much winging it, and his mood is all over the place.
Sexuality: Who cares?
God Parent: Jupiter
Legacy?: No
Other Family:
Powers (Maximum 3 powers): Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, and Electrokinesis, though he has yet to master these properly.
Weapon(s): Will use a sword and likely a shield, though he will prefer a longer sword over a gladius.
Backstory (Minimum six sentences): Luke grew up with his mother, hating his father, whoever he was, for leaving his mom to raise him on her own. He tried hard in school and did well despite difficulties, but one day found his life turned upside down as he came home to find his mother gone and a growling... thing waiting for him at the door. He scarpered as soon as he could, managing to lose whatever was chasing him but running into a strange boy. He somehow got across his story, and the kid didn't think he was too crazy, asking instead who his 'godly parent' was. And apparently a thunderstorm answered his question, but he didn't say anything else except 'go here' as he pressed a napkin with an address into Luke's hand. And then he was gone. So Luke, having nothing better to do, went to find out about this 'Camp'.


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Post by Admin on Fri May 19, 2017 3:03 pm

Approved. 4th Cohort.


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