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Post by Andrew Night on Thu May 18, 2017 5:08 pm

Name:Bruce Willson
Date of Birth: October 9th
Personality:Growing up Bruce did what other expected him do and always acted the way he was told but when alone he was different he was serious and angry. when he got a little older his personality split in two, one when he was in public and the other when he is alone or with a close friend. Bruce's public personality was kind, well mannered and normal 15 year old, His private personality was angry and sad at the same time at times he even seemed much older.
Looks:Bruce Willson 263f28de830f6f72a9cac63891c5b667
Faceclaim (if one): David Mazouz
God parent: Nox
Legacy: None
Other Family:None
Weapon: Short sword
Backstory:Bruce didn't have a hard life compared to some demigods, his father died when he was young and he wad forced to put a strong face personality for his step mother and his father's company. Bruce was home schooled and didn't go out much so he didn't really get a chance to make friends except for one girl, Selena, he would go out to see her when ever he had the chance.On his 10 birthday Bruce's powers began to waken he wasn't sure what was happening or why his first thought was to sneak out and find Selena when he finally did he was in pain and his powers were acting up, Selena took him inside her house when she saw him in pain but when a spike made up of complete darkness erupted from Bruce she look as him with horror and backed way Bruce saw the look on her face and fled when he returned home his mother was panicked but when she realized what was going on she sat him down and showed him a video his father made that explained what was going on and where to go.
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Bruce Willson Empty Re: Bruce Willson

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