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Post by Andrew Night on Thu May 18, 2017 5:08 pm

Name:Caitlin Snow
DOB (Date of Birth): December 10th
Looks (Minimum of two detailed sentences or a picture):Caitlin Snow C2423cc713ff95ed7531ca000a43057a
Faceclaim (if one): Danielle Panabaker
Personality: Caitlin is a strong and independent person, even though she doesn't believe she is, who has trouble asking for help, she is incredibly smart and kind but has a short temper when if comes to the ones she cares about. Caitlin can be very guarded and doesn't usually let in down unless she completely trust a person. She can be uptight at times and has trouble relaxing due to not being able to balance work and socializing well.
God Parent:Chione
Legacy?: None
Other Family:None
Weapon(s): Broad sword
Backstory:Caitlin lost her father at the age of five causing her to have to grow up very quickly since her step mother grew distant and wrapped herself in her work. Caitlin had to juggle school and maintaining household tasks, she had little time for socializing and with what little free time she had she spent reading and studying. A few years after her father's passing Caitlin had accidentally froze the glass of water she had been drinking, she had wanted to tell her step mother right away but could never find the courage to tell her. Eventually her mother started working more and more to the point where she didn't return home for days, Caitlin didn't see the point in staying home anymore at the age of ten and with her step mother's knowledge she had moved in with a friend of her's.
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