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Post by feathertail on Wed May 17, 2017 3:02 pm

Name: Aruhe Moana Paewai
Nickname(s): Will answer to either her first name or her second, though she prefers her first at the moment due to the recent Disney movie; sometimes answers to shortenings of her name (e.g. 'Ru'), but only by friends and family
Age: 17
DOB: 19th April 2000
Aruhe Paewai Y9nd1bIi
Face claim: Auli'i Cravalho
Personality: Like her brother, Aruhe is very proud of her Māori heritage, and makes this clear, despite her lack of Ta Moko (Māori body art), as she speaks in Te Reo Māori, the language of the Māori, with her brother, as well as English. She is also prideful, stubborn, and clever, and knows that if she wants her way, and her way is right, she will get it. Her strengths do not lie in tactics, unlike her brother, though she is stronger in most other aspects over him. She also has more patience than him, and is visibly kinder (probably due to her shorter and less threatening stature, as well as her usual smile) and so tends to be the person people go to more.
Sexuality: Unsure
God Parent: Neptune
Legacy?: No
Other Family: Twin brother, Kauri
Powers: Hydrokinesis, can talk to horses and other water creatures/those connected to Neptune
Battle skills: Limited self-defence, ergo, none at the moment
Weapon(s): Will gain a gladius and a sica.
Backstory: Aruhe and her twin brother, Kauri, were brought up in a very traditional Maori tribe in New Zealand. However, they were brutally uprooted due to the death of their mother, and sent to America to their mother's sister at age eleven. They struggled significantly to settle into their new environment because of how drastic the change was, to the environment, and to their beliefs. Their life was further turned upside down by the news that their father was, in fact, a Roman god, Neptune, that their aunt told them, as her sister had told her when the twins had been born, before she had left for America. They denied this for six years, before it became too dangerous for them to live with their mortal family, and so sought out Camp. They are still very strong believers in their own religion, but this has been weakened by the truth about their father, and are still in a bit of a tizzy about it.


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