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Post by Admin on Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:30 pm

Name: Caspian Crane
Nickname(s): Casp, Crane
Age: 17
DOB (Date of Birth): May 4
Looks (Minimum of two detailed sentences or a picture): Caspian Crane 46459871ce84eeac7f0b117399d47bb1
Face claim (Optional): Ben Barnes
Personality (Minimum of four sentences): Caspian is a smart, brave, determined young man. He feels like he has a lot to prove in order to get anyone's approval. He works hard, doesn't socialize too much and loves to spar. He does have a sense of humor but it's hiding under his determination and obsession with being the best he can be.
Sexuality: Bisexual
God Parent: Jupiter
Other Family: His older brothers, younger sister and mother.
Powers (Maximum 3 powers): Can produce and manipulate lightening, rain and wind.
Weapon(s): A sword and set of daggers.
Backstory (Minimum six sentences): He was raised by his mother and lived with his younger sister and three older brothers, all of which bullied him and picked on him, except his sister who loved him dearly. He grew up trying to prove himself but always failing because his brothers didn't know how to back off. His mother had enough and sent Caspian to camp when he was thirteen and told him to find himself, but has spent the last four years training to be able to stand up to his brothers. He was constantly in fights at school and he discovered his power when he made it rain on a kid that was bullying him. He didn't do very well in school and nearly dropped out when he came to camp, but decided to keep going with his studies. The only real friend he made was Callie.


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