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Name: Anna Finn
Nickname(s): Ann, Annie, Finn
Age: 16
DOB (Date of Birth): February 14
Looks (Minimum of two detailed sentences or a picture): Anna Finn        V_ONr0nB
Face claim (Optional): AnnaSophia Robb
Personality (Minimum of four sentences): Anna is flirty, outgoing and very excitable. She's obsessed with gossiping and being a matchmaker, but can control it. She loves making friends and having attention, which is a problem sometimes. She is also obsessed with her looks and constantly tries to look her best. She's a huge hopeless romantic.
Sexuality: Pansexual
God Parent: Venus
Legacy?: Cupid
Other Family: Her father.
Powers (Maximum 3 powers): Can alter her hair and eye color. Can detect mutual love between two people.
Weapon(s): A bow and arrows with tips made of imperial gold.
Backstory (Minimum six sentences): Anna lived with her father who traveled a lot. While he was constantly gone, Anna was raised by various nannies. Each ended up losing their job when her father was finished having an affair with them. Anna clung to her romance books and movies and her Disney movies. She had multiple "boyfriends" growing up but the only one that truly mattered was her boyfriend she got at 13, Kyle. He was 15 and was her best friend and boyfriend, until he tragically died in a car accident. It took two years for Anna to get back to normal and then she went to camp.


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