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Site Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:05 pm

These are the official rules of the site.

Forum Rules

1. DO NOT give out your password or personal information.

2. This is a BULLY FREE ZONE. This means harassing, unwelcome teasing and jokes and any form of racism or sexism is not tolerated. Respect people.

3. Curse words are to be starred.

e.g. B*****

4. You must listen to the direction of the Admin Team (this includes moderators).

5. If there is an issue, please talk to a moderator first. If they cannot resolve the problem, or your problem is with them, then you may come to the admins.

6. If you see someone breaking the rules, you are obligated to report it to the Admin Team.

7. No double accounts. You have way more than enough characters. More on this in the roleplay rules.

8. Please keep all disagreements private. This means PMs, not the chat box or the chat topic.

9. Triggering posts will be removed. I will not tolerate this.

10. Let's have fun.

Roleplay Rules

1. A character sheet must be completed before a character can be used.

2. You are allowed 13 characters to start, but you can apply for more here.

3. Applications to become Legionnaires, Centurions, Senators, Praetors, Medics and Veteran Legionnaires can be found in their separate topics in the Character Creation Forum.

4. Marriages, please be realistic with this. No teen marriages. They must be a Veteran in order to get married.

5. Pregnancies must be talked about and agreed upon by both members involved in the relationship. Bubbles. The actual pregnancy must last nine months from the day it is revealed she is pregnant. (that's real time.) No teen pregnancies, both characters must be Veterans.

6. Battles, sword fights and such are allowed but keep the gore to a minimum.

7. Face claims are allowed. If you ever feel like you want to change your face claim, there is an application to fill out.

8. Everyone starts off as a Probatio until your first character gets moved to to their cohort.

9. Legacies are allowed, but you can only have 3 at a time.

10. Keep it PG-13.

11. All character plots MUST be discussed with the admin before you start them.


1st: Warning.
2nd: Timed ban based on severity of offense.
3rd: Complete ban.


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